Our Adult Sunday School classes are for everyone. We offer life-changing Bible study for adults through classes that are designed to draw people closer to one another and closer to our Lord. Some classes are grouped by age, some by state of life, and some that are not age-graded. We have couples classes, mixed classes, singles classes, and career classes; there is a place for you in Sunday School.  We hope to see you in Sunday School.

Preschool Classes

AGE                                       ROOM #
Infants/Babies                       101
Toddlers                                 102
1 Year Olds                             104
2 Year Olds                             103
3 Year Olds                             105
Pre-K                                      106
Kindergarten                          117

Children’s Classes

GRADE                                   ROOM #
1st Grade                                118
2nd Grade                              121
3rd Grade                               115
4th – 6th Grade                     AB-200
AB=Activities Building

Student Classes

GRADE                            LOCATION
Youth (7th – 12th)            Chapel
College                          AB -203
North Building=101 Commercial Rd

Adult Classes

CLASS                          DESCRIPTION                        ROOM#
Couples In Action       20’s Married                            200
Ladies                         20’s Ladies                              202-3
Vision Quest               20’s-30’s Single                       302
Sojourners                  30’s Married                         AB-203
Journey                      30’s Married                             107
New Couples              40’s Married                            307
Quest                          40’s-50’s Single                       304
Hope                           50’s Ladies                              207
Peace                         50’s Married                             301
Freedom                     50’s Married                            305
AB=Activities Building

Adult Classes (continued)

CLASS                           DESCRIPTION                      ROOM #
New Members             New to FBC                          303
Lumineers                   50’s Married                          205
Blended Families         Mixed Ages                          120
Berean                         Mixed Ages                        Choir Room
Discovery                     Mixed Ages                          201
Adult 4                         Mixed Ages                        AB-Faith
Adult 2(a)                     60’s-70’s Married                 206C
Adult 2(b)                     60’s & Up (co-ed)                 206
Dorcas                         70’s & Up Ladies                   306
Kingdom Builders       70’s & Up Men                       205A
AB=Activities Building