Where do I go on Sunday Mornings?

9:30 Small Group Areas

103: Babies-2's

105: Preschool(3s-Pre-K)

106: Preschool(3s-Pre-K)

121: Kindergarten

118- 1st Grade

117- 2nd Grade

116- 3rd Grade

115- 4th Grade

AB 200- 5th and 6th Grade


If you have questions, please email Kim at kim@fbctah.org.


We can't wait to see you!

10:45 Worship Areas

103- Babies-2's

105- Preschool(3's and 4's)

106- Preschool (Pre-K and Kindergarten)


***Kids Worship for 1st-4th grade will begin October 2nd at 11AM.

5th and 6th graders can shadow in these areas as a 3rd helper once per month.


If you would like to pre-register your kids, you can save time by filling out this form!